The "Z" axis is now shipped asembled as shown. The gibbs are preloaded and adjusted for zero backlash. The self compensating feature will keep the slide plate tight, but smoothe, and maintain a wobble and slop free slide plate. This is an exclusive feature found on this kit, not found on others.
Made in USA "Mountain" brand home and limit switches used throughout. Shown are the Z axis upper limit and Z axis home switches. Note: the terminals are potted in epoxy, to resist soldering temperatures melting the switch body.
Precision machined guide rods and Collars, (+ - .005), give the router excellent ridgidity, without the need for a permanently installed top, allowing for a removeable / replaceble top.
Slide plate, with attached nut mount, are of heavy true aircraft alluminum plate. Current production models have 3 more sets of nut plate mounting holes.This allows a full 2.5" of adjustment, to suit your various applications.
Top is clear Poplar and  Baltic Birch.  Although not visible in this photo, vacuum passages are provided throughout.