COMPLETE kit, including 12" Y axis travel, 24" X axis travel, and  2" Z axis travel, (2.25 Z clearence), to build a machine like the one in the photos. Only a few simple hand tools needed for assembly. 36 X 18" footprint, (plus length of motors). Approx. 13" tall, plus motor.
All materials ready to assemble.
All machine work complete.
All hardware.
All switches (Micro / snap type used for "home" switches). All switches "Mountain" brand, (not Radio Shack imports that fall apart in your hands). Sorry, Radio Shack, but I've had it happen FAR too many times!
All wiring for switches .
Switch mounting and actuation brackets, spacers and fasteners.
Barrier strip (terminal strip with screws) to connect wiring to controller.
3 precision machined couplings, with 4 set screws each, sized to fit lead screws to motors.
Top materials are of the very best Baltic Birch, finished on both sides, with  a clear Poplar frame.  All rails have drilled vacuum passages.
T-nuts and bolts, to bolt top to base.
Anti-vibration isolation mounts included.
ROUTER AND BRACKET in choice of voltage.
Stand offs and correct length hardware to install motors.
Linear bearings INSTALLED in X and Y axis.
X and Y axis guide rods are USA made W-1(Tool steel),  precision drill-rod. "X" axis .750. "Y" axis .625 diameter.
X axis is now shipped completely assembled, using (12) 2" #8 deep thread "Robertson" bugle head fasteners assembled with slow setting 1.10 / 1 expanding epoxy. YOU CAN NOT GET IT APART! THE WOOD WILL BREAK BEFORE THE JOINTS!
Aircraft aluminum Z axis slide plate machined for router bracket.
Aircraft aluminum Z axis nut plate machined for Kerk nut, tapped for included button head allen screws.
Aircraft aluminum Z axis motor mounting plate machined, and tapped for NEMA step motor. Button head allen screws, to mount motor, are included. Machined stand-offs and 1 1/4" long allen screws are also provided so motor can be mounted without cutting Z axis lead screw.
Z axis is now shipped completely assembled. All Z axis parts are now metal, except for the two sides. The remaining six parts are "true" aircraft aluminum, not the "gummy" imported materials that are usually passed off as aircraft "grade" aluminum, often times undersized, but still sold as 1/4", etc., that's all too commonly used.
Anything and everything else that I might have forgotten to mention. (-::
All of the above for $495. Remember, that INCLUDES the router and bracket.
Lead-screws are not included.  A complete set of Kerk Motion PRECISION lead screws and self compensating anti backlash nuts, sized for the 12 X 24" travel,  would be an additional $174. Sorry, but this is my cost from Kerk, so no discount can apply to screw sets. Kerk manufactures to order. Lead-screw lead-time is about 2 weeks. Occasionally a bit longer. Controller and motors are not included, but are available. See "Controller" page of website for details.
If you think this is a good deal, PLEASE mention it to anyone you might think would also be interested. I will offer discounts for multiple purchases, so if your club, school, scout troop, church group, co-workers etc. has several people that combine their purchases on the same order, this would be an easy way to save some money. The same would apply to the lead screws, if purchased at the same time as the kits.
Shipping and insurance  will be actual amount charged by the carrier. Packing is a flat $15. All NEW materials, including custom made cartons, are used, and a goodly amount of other supplies. Over 3 hours are required to wrap and carton each kit. A savings could also be realized here, if multiple kits were shipped to the same address.  All forms of payment are accepted. Credit cards are accepted through Pay Pal . Fees are not included in kit price, and will be added to total. This does vary, but it's never below 4%. I pay everything over 3.8%, so 3.8% of the total will be your Pay Pal fee. Less if Pay Pal's fee is less. If you wish to avoid these fees, I am happy to accept a money order or check. Personal checks, must, of course, clear, before a kit is shipped. Direct bank wire transfers are another secure form of payment, but incurr a $20 fee.  Save yourself those fees, and simply drop a check in the mail.  Shipping is by USPS, or UPS, your choice. Once a package is shipped, it then becomes the property of the purchaser.  Full insurance is required. In the event of loss or damage, claims will be made in accordence with the carriers policies. Sole remedy will be the responsability of  the carrier. Absolutely no remedies other than those given by the carrier will be applied, or are expressed or implied. I ship world-wide. There have been delays using USPS Economy Surface. It is "Space Available". Large, heavy, packages are "Non-automatic", and must be handled by hand. There has never been a package lost, SO FAR!
As always, the usual disclaimers apply. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. Current photos may not reflect SMALL changes.